Libraries and Lawsuits

Earlier this year individuals from Northern Kentucky’s Tea Party brought a lawsuit against the Campbell County and Kenton County Public Libraries. They argued that the libraries were subjecting citizens to the wrong level of property taxes to support the library, and claimed that the tax levels should be revoked back to their original levels from when the libraries were established. A lawsuit is also being brought against the nearby Boone County Public Library system for the same reason. Campbell County has more information on their website.

Yesterday the judge ruled against KCPL. This is very sad-making.

And here’s what KCPL’s Director has to say about the situation:

What does this mean for the library, now and in the future?

Right now, until we learn the impact of the ruling, it’s business as usual. We will continue to provide excellent resources and services that Kenton County residents have come to expect from their library.  The Board of Trustees will be discussing the issue and will file an appeal at the appropriate time.

What do you think of the ruling?

Of course we are disappointed in the ruling. The Kenton County Public Library was developed as a result of work from the citizens of Kenton County who petitioned in 1967 that a well-funded library district be formed. For decades, our board of trustees, who are all volunteer representatives from the county, have taken their fiduciary role very seriously.  Our boards have been following the guidance and directives of several state agencies in setting the tax rate.

So what’s next?

Our attorneys will appeal the decision and move this issue forward. Until we learn otherwise, we will continue to provide excellent resources and services to the residents of Kenton County.


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