KPLA Conference

I presented at this year’s Kentucky Public Library Association Conference!

 My presentation was titled “Keeping on Target With Youth Services: The Library as Refuge for Young Adults.” It was my first conference presentation ever. Actually, it’s only the second professional conference I’ve ever been to.

It was a wonderful success! I really enjoyed presenting. I was a little nervous before I started, but once I got going it felt natural, and I just wanted to keep talking. I had some good conversations with people about their teens, situations, libraries, etc, and I really wish there was a way to keep those conversations going and going!

You can view my Prezi presentation by going here. I had a lot of content that wasn’t in the presentation, including a lot of practical suggestions and ideas, so if there are any questions or thoughts definitely comment on the Prezi page!

The purpose of my presentation was to discuss the importance of recognizing the public library’s status as a third place for youth, and then giving practical advice for how to enhance that status and make it clear to teens that the library is a safe and welcoming space. I interviewed my teens (the Prezi has videos of them ^_^), and did some research on third spaces for this presentation. I plan to continue this discussion in blog posts, articles, and future presentations!

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