Manga and more manga



I’m sharing some of the manga that I’ve read recently but haven’t reviewed or talked about or anything. Here they are!

March Story is fascinating, eye-catching, and intense, but it is definitely shelved in Adult Graphic Novels for a reason: there is some nudity. I did not continue on to the second volume because I just wasn’t drawn in by the story of a demon-hunting demon, but it seems like something older teens will like. Especially for fans of D. Gray Man, Dance in the Vampire Bund, etc.

A Certain Scientific Railgun is a follow-up manga to A Certain Magical Index, and so fans of that will enjoy it. I think it will also appeal to fans of Soul Eater, as well as Negima and Vampire Knight and Skip Beat. It’s about students with psychological powers training to fight people who misuse their powers and solve murders, they have silly antics and shenanigans, and such.

OreImo is a must have for all manga fans. This is not an exaggeration. Really. Kirino Kousaka, the protagonist, is the advocate for all otaku out there. She is cute, feisty, mean, intense, a little creepy, really moe, very tsundere, and all lovely. It may be a a little “Older Teen”, but it should definitely be in the YA section of any library.

March Story, Vol. 1 A Certain Scientific Railgun Vol 1 (A Certain Scientific Railgun, #1)  


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