Writing Prompt: Fear

A prompt for my teen writing group today was to write about your fear/s. Here’s my contribution:

I wake up and I have no idea where I am. My whole body hurts. I am not laying on a bed. Rough wood and splinters under my hands. Darkness overhead. I squint at the ceiling. No. The sky, full of storm clouds. 

A shard of ice slices through my stomach. No way. 

I sit up, and my whole world rocks and sways. No. This isn’t real. I’m still dreaming. I must be.

I’m in a rowboat. On the open ocean. The sky is angry and fierce above me, the water endless and terrifying below. I am alone. 

There are no oars. And the waves are getting bigger. Salt water sprays in my face and I lean over the side of the boat to vomit. My head is full of spikes and nails and hammers and  my stomach is trying to crawl out of my throat but still I notice the water getting darker underneath this fragile little boat and I don’t understand at first but then I figure it out and I can’t stop myself from screaming.

And screaming. 

There is a monster under the boat, in the water, an endless abyss of horror and I am in the absolute center of it, completely alone and helpless. 

I crawl to the middle of the boat and hug myself tight. I want to close my eyes and pretend it’s a dream, but I can’t close my eyes not even for a second because a creature could appear and crash into the boat eat me drown me pull me down to the depths and I at least have to see it coming first.

This is my nightmare.


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