Manga Reviews

From the author’s website:

“Kasumi is a story about a cheerful, optimistic,
16 year old girl, who upon moving into a strange, new town, receives mysterious powers from a tree god.

Unbeknownst to her, the powers start to surface, putting her at the center of attention
at Seiran High, an elite school for the wealthy.

Kasumi makes fast friends with Yuuta Goodwin, the resident Superhero otaku and with the weird dancing Maiko Koyanagi. Unfortunately, she also becomes the target of the RSF, lead by Reina Takemoto, who’s main goal is to kick Kasumi out of Seiran!”





Hekikai no AiON

MyAnimeList Summary:

After both his parents died in an accident, Tsugawa Tatsuya is now left with millions of heritage he can’t use. In the weeks after, he’s still mourning and thinking about his father’s last words, “Tsugawa family’s man must be a man of great vessel”. But Tatsuya is not confident he can fulfill his father’s last wish.

One day, he met Miyazaki Seine, a strange girl who seems to enjoy being bullied. Tatsuya believes he can help her even though his friends only see her as a masochist pervert, and Seine herself told him to mind his own business.

Readers will keep wanting more of this manga because of how quirky, weird, and cat-like Seine is. She is a not tsundere, not too moe, but she is unique and makes you want to get to know her anyway.


Kannagi is a fun, fun manga. The protagonist is a prissy, entitled shrine princess-goddess-creature, and you will quickly come to love her cruel/cute nature and quirky antics.

MyAnimeList Summary:

“For his art project Mikuriya Jin carved a statue from the recently chopped local sacred tree. As he is about to bring it to school, the goddess of the tree, Nagi, descends upon the statue, having slept until now, not knowing of her demise. Since the sacred tree can no longer protect the surrounding area from impurities, Nagi has to do it herself now, dragging poor Jin with her.”


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