Update on 2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge

So far this year I’ve read 48 books.  My goal is to read 200 books.

Yep. That’s a lot. I think I can do it. It includes manga volumes, novellas, fiction, and non-fiction. Anything that I can put in as an entry on Goodreads counts as a book. I <3 using Goodreads. It is so, so easy to keep track of things, rate them, track the dates I started and finished reading books.

I’m going to highlight some favorites from this year’s reading. If you want the full list you can find it here on my Goodreads page!


This was by far my favorite book this year. Teeth is an incredible story. It’s about Rudy, who moves to a remote East Coast island with his family so that his sick-and-dying little brother can be hopefully healed by eating the local magic fish. Seriously. Rudy goes a little crazy there, where the ocean screams at night and his brother eats nothing but fish and he seems to be the only teenager on the whole island.

But then he meets Diana, a lonely girl imprisoned in a mansion. And then Teeth, a biological anomaly of a fishboy. And Rudy’s life is never the same.

You can read more about it on Goodreads.

Wandering Son: Volume One

Wandering Son is a newly-released in English manga that breaks all kinds of ground.

I would highly recommend it for any teen librarian, any public library’s collection, any manga or anime fan, and anyone interested in gender issues. The protagonists are middle school students in Japan. One is a boy who wants to be a girl. The other is a girl who would rather be a boy. They discover themselves, cope with sharing their secrets with friends, family, and strangers, and grow together.

Currently there are two volumes in English, and also an anime with 11 episodes based on the manga, and it is quite a beautiful work of animation.

This is Not a TestCourtney Summers has created a masterpiece in This is Not a Test.

It is a page-turner, a zombie apocalypse story, a coming of age novel, a romance, while still being contemporary, realistic, heartfelt, and completely engrossing.

I would recommend it to just about everyone. Fans of YA fiction of all ages, fans of zombie stories/movies/video games. Reluctant readers. Teens who read a lot. Adults who have never read YA fiction. Seriously. Everyone.


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