NASA’s Science Experiments for Students


I feel some regret that I never participated in science activities or events when I was in school. I made a volcano on my dining room table once. My mom helped. It was awesome. But as much as I was intrigued by science and technology, I never tinkered with LEDs or soldering irons, I never build solar observation goggles, I never played with telescopes, or entered a science fair.

NASA makes it easy to do all those things. They have a page with info about a variety of really awesome science experiments and projects.

First is an 8 step method to make your own telescope.

You could totally do this in a weekend.

Second is how to make a spectrometer.

You could do this in an afternoon.

Third is an experiment to measure the effects of global warming.

Yep, you can do that at home. Check it out here.

There are detailed step-by-step instructions for each of these experiments. They’re easy to do and fun, and they help students get a grasp on how science affects their everyday lives. Making science a part of everyone’s life is so important! I feel like the library should be an advocate of science, innovation, experimentation, and of course, learning. My library does homeschool science programs all the time! I wonder if I could adapt them for my teens… :)


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