on Writing. setting Goals.

I think I am going to have to start setting word count goals for myself. I need to do something to get myself to write more! Part of the problem is that I am quite a busy librarian, but really. I need to write more. I want to write so much more. So how do I do it?

Suggestions would be awesome. I know I don’t have too many followers, but if anyone out there has any suggestions for how to meet your writing quotas, or stay off Tumblr, or stop reading that newest YA Dystopian novel and just write, please share!!

I just recently started seriously writing. I had a dream, and I want to turn it into a story. Like, literally. I have epic story-like dreams quite frequently, and there is one I want to write into a lengthy piece. I just need to write more. 


One thought on “on Writing. setting Goals.

  1. I’ve done more writing on my phones over the past few years than a desktop. Dropbox and a program like QuickOffice have been critical. I can write at any time, add a little more to my book on a fifteen minute ride on a bus or train. It’s all about incremental progress, which is as good a progress as any. In my routine I know I will get in at least 20 min of writing a day on my phone. Anything extra is icing these days. But I’m at 42k words like that on my current book, begun in October or so, with a goal of around 60k.

    Good Luck!

    – Anthony


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