A Creative Community

I’ve been observing a trend recently among my small teen writing group. The community is growing. I used to get 2 or 3 teens in attendance at my biweekly writing group. Attendance is slowly growing, and this is because of friends encouraging friends not only to attend, but to write.

They enjoy sharing what they’re writing, and also enjoy talking about what they’re writing. They enjoy sharing their creations with each other, and contributing to the creativity of their friends. When teens hear about their friends writing it makes them think about writing too. When they start writing they want to share it with their friends.


My library’s most well-read copy of “Will Grayson, Will Grayson.” It came with this note, which made me smile.

I feel like we’re really inspiring creativity in each other. Now when my teens ask me, “Are there any programs today?” and I respond with, “Yea, Writer’s Group!” instead of just grumbling and going back to playing Minecraft they stop for a few seconds, think, “Hmm, okay,” and then go back to Facebook. It’s a start, and I’m happy with the progress!

I’m hoping that with word of mouth testimonials of how fun writer’s group is I’ll be able to get some of my suspicious regulars into the group and discover their creativity, give them a place to share it, and show them things about their friends that they didn’t know. That’s really what I hope results from my teen writer’s group.



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