Dominating Moe-Addicting Female Protagonists —

— Otherwise known as those anime girls you love to hate. During a re-watch of OreImo my bf brought up a crucial point: Why do we like Kirino? She’s an awful person! Are we really supposed to like her?

And the answer is most definitely YES. I started describing Kirino’s traits, comparing her “bad” traits with her likeable traits, and at that point I realized – Kirino is SO much like Haruhi Suzumiya! Haruhi is practically a worldwide phenomenon, and Kirino is close behind.

So let’s try to figure this out. Why do we love these cruel, self-centered, moe-addicted girls?

Kirino is cruel to her older brother Kyousuke. Haruhi is also cruel to Kyon. This cruelty includes For Haruhi being self-centered extends to her having a god-like power that changes the world to fit her needs. Kirino, on the other hand, simply attacks her brother until he makes what she wants into reality. kicking the boys in the face, putting them into extremely awkward as well as dangerous situations, and occasionally punching them. They are incredibly self-centered. This selfishness results in centering every situation around them, forcing everyone to do precisely what they want, and demanding to be the center of attention. They are usually quite unaware of the world around them if it doesn’t affect them, or if it isn’t conforming to their wants.

Haruhi and Kirino are both strong, confident, and powerful. They have many such admirable qualities. They’re also attractive, have tsundere qualities, and are constantly energetic. They’re dynamic, enthusiastic, with very complicated and interesting personalities. You want to know them, you want to watch them, you want to see what they do next and how they change the world around them . Is this enough to counteract their cruelty and selfish nature? I think because Kirino and Haruhi have their own moe characteristics, like being tsundere, being dominant, and even hurting their male co-protagonists. They are girls we love to hate.

So who is your favorite, Haruhi Suzumiya or Kirino Kousaka?



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