Telling Good Stories is Hard – Telling the truth is harder.


I think with the convenience of self-publishing and the subsequent rise of competitiveness spurring authors to try and churn out as many books as humanly possible, there’s this illusion currently being perpetuated that writing is easy. That a good book can be born, from conception to the final product, in a matter of months. That because other people seem to be doing it, you should too.

Writing on a whim—a grocery list, an email, a text—this is easy. Writing with intent, now that’s hard. But it’s also noble and brave. And that’s why you should take your time, why it’s ok to take your time. Because you aren’t just crafting a story, you’re crafting a story with meaning and purpose and those are the ones that matter. Those are the ones that will outlive you.

So ignore everyone else—ignore bestseller lists and amazon rankings, ignore the next book-to-movie franchise and…

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