Manga Reviews ~ Haganai and Sunshine Sketch

Haganai: I don’t have many friends is a newer manga written by Itachi and illustrated by Yomi Hirasaka.

What attracted me to this particular story was the unique quality of the characters: they’re marketed as being so very weird, awkward, and so strange that you just wouldn’t want to be friends with them.

The plot is based on the creation of an after school club whose sole purpose is to make friends for the members, all of whom are students who are too strange, or self-absorbed, or quirky to make friends on their own.

I really enjoyed the first volume and would love to get my hands on the second and third volumes! I also feel like Haganai would be a great addition to a library’s manga collection, because it tells the story of students who struggle with basic social activities and have trouble relating to their peers.


Sunshine Sketch is a manga, and now a popular anime series, that is quirky and cute despite it’s simple design and small cast of characters.

It tells the story of four girls who attend a private high school and specialize in fine arts. They become friends, grow and learn and have fun together over the course of the story. Similar to Haganai, the protagonists are strange and very imperfect. They make mistakes and have many shortcomings, but they succeed and strive toward their goals regardless.

The manga is done in a 4 panel comic-style strip while still following a linear storyline. Fans of Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh will particularly enjoy Sunshine Sketch!



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