Flashy Flash Fiction

It turns out that digital publishing is creating a boom and demand for short fiction in the Young Adult and New Adult genres. Didn’t know that New Adult was a genre? HuffPost can tell you why. Anyway, this is pretty exciting. Short fiction in its variety of formats always seems to need help getting out there, being published, getting an audience, etc. While authors may disdain the idea of publishing in digital formats only, it seems like a great way for new authors to debut, as well as a way for established and popular authors to expand their most popular works. The only thing wrong with that last option is, of course, having to pay for a digital only novella or short story from your favorite author or wait until it is compiled in an omnibus edition in the distant future. That’s not really a fun thing for readers sometimes.

But anyway. Over at YA Fusion they offer up some publishers that are really into short fiction, talk about how it’s a big thing now, and why digital publishing is the way to go. Check out what they have to say here: YA Short Fiction

I know short fiction is a great format for my teen writing group. Drabbles, short stories, flash fiction, novellas, and small poetry collections are all they have the time to write, and it’s also easiest for them to share those formats in a two hour writing group session.

I’m interested to see where this boom for short fiction goes from here! I personally do not enjoy digital formats for my reading material, though I will consume it if there is no other way to get the material. I understand that publishing print copies of short fiction isn’t really cost-effective, though I do always love that new book smell and the feel of paper in my hands!


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