More Newish Manga You May Have Heard Of


Soul Eater Not

{in the KCPL Catalog}

Who hasn’t heard of Soul Eater?! It is incredibly popular, super quirky, quite unique, as well as edgy and complicated. This sort of prequel story is also fun.

Hear it from the manga-ka: “SOUL EATER NOT!” is a story that takes place just a little bit before the events of “SOUL EATER”. I drew it with the motto “It’s a savage but super-fun life!” in my head, so it would make me very happy if everyone has a great time reading it. To my American fans, please enjoy “SOUL EATER NOT!” alongside “SOUL EATER” !





Bunny Drop

{in the KCPL Catalog}

Bunny Drop is one of the most amazing stories. It is the story of Rin Kaga, that little girl pictured on the cover, as she grows up with her adopted guardian, Daikichii. Rin is the daughter of a manga-ka mother who abandoned her to Daikichii’s grandfather, who is the father! A unique story that is unbelievably sweet and addicting.





That’s all I have time for now! I’ll hopefully have some more YA fiction and manga reviews up later this month!


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