New Young Adult Fiction

First of all, here are links to some of the books I’ll be talking about in the KCPL catalog: <right here!>

Okay, now let’s talk about the books.

Books for the Holidays!

First up is Defiance by C.J. Redwine.

I’m sure I’ve talked about this book before, right? I must have. Have you read it yet? It’s incredible.

Okay, what’s so incredible about it, anyway? Well, the point of view is equally shared between the cover       character, Rachel, and Logan. Logan is a guy. Logan is a genius, an inventor, a fighter, a believable male character who I fell in love with right away. Also, there are dragons. Or something that seems like dragons. Very mysterious. Finally, the writing is compelling and original. C.J. just has a certain style, a quirk of writing, that I really enjoy. I finished Defiance in…something like 24 hours. I couldn’t stop. You should pick it up. Just make sure you don’t have anything else to read for a while.







Second is The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George.

For this one, let’s hear what Goodreads has to say, shall we:

“Whidbey Island may be only a ferry ride from Seattle, but it’s a world apart. When Becca King arrives there, she doesn’t suspect the island will become her home for the next four years. Put at risk by her ability to hear “whispers”–the thoughts of others–Becca is on the run from her stepfather, whose criminal activities she has discovered. Stranded and alone, Becca is soon befriended by Derric, a Ugandon orphan adopted by a local family; Seth, a kindhearted musician and high school dropout; Debbie, a recovering alcoholic who takes her in; and Diana, with whom Becca shares a mysterious psychic connection.”




Third is Colin Fischer by Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz.

Goodreads says:

“Colin Fischer cannot stand to be touched. He does not like the color blue. He needs index cards to recognize facial expressions.
Colin Fischer is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. His story is told by the screenwriters of X-Men: First Class and Thor. 
But when a gun is found in the school cafeteria, interrupting a female classmate’s birthday celebration, Colin is the only for the investigation. It’s up to him to prove that Wayne Connelly, the school bully and Colin’s frequent tormenter, didn’t bring the gun to school. After all, Wayne didn’t have frosting on his hands, and there was white chocolate frosting found on the grip of the smoking gun.”


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