Zombie Plushies

Last week I had my most successful craft program ever. We made little zombie plushies! I used instructions I modified from this lovely book: <Zombie Felties> My teens sewed things. With their own hands. With needles and thread. All by themselves. I am such a proud librarian!!!

Here’s the proof:



I made the zombie kitty on the left, and the bandaged zombie on the right, as example felties. The masterpiece in the middle was made by one of my teen patrons. He called it a zombie necromancer. Check out that bow tie and pointy wizard hat. Amazing.


zombie cat


This lovely patchwork creature is a cat. I particularly like the curved, glittery tail and the demon-red eyes.


cat zombie

This little kitty is a freshly-turned zombie creature. Look at those brain-hungry eyes. The ear, rotting off. The remnants of a collar. Purrfect.




3 thoughts on “Zombie Plushies

  1. My library is thinking of doing this as a Summer Reading craft-what was the approximate cost of the program for about 20 teens? I’m glad it was so successful for you!


    • Hmm, I’m not really sure! I had most of the supplies on hand :D Felt is honestly quite cheap. You can purchase 9×11 sheets of it for about a quarter each. I think you could definitely do the craft for $25 or less, depending on how much stuff you get for embellishing them. A variety of colored felt sheets, some random buttons and bits, a couple tubes of craft glue, some needles and floss thread (or a friends sewing machine!) are all you really need!


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