Let Me Tell You About Homestuck.


Homestuck is a webcomic. An epic journey. The longest story you may ever read.

There are friendships, hatred, a love story, inter-species communication and teamwork.There is sacrifice, bravery, eternal relationships, death and rebirth and rebirth again. There is a lot of cursing as well. A lot of silly.

It is a video game. It is interactive and ever-changing. It is incredibly unique. It is animated, it has a soundtrack, it has one of the most amazing fanbases of all.


Oh, you’re wondering who that is up there? That’s Feferi Peixes. She’s a princess. The Heiress. Royalty and a pureblood. Seadwelling troll, an alien from the planet Alternia.

There are humans, of course. Several of them. John and Jade and Dave and Rose and Mom and Dad and Bro. And don’t forget Nanna. And Dirk and Jake. So many people. So many trolls. You’ll learn to love/hate them all, I promise.



So, are you still confused? I thought so. Here’s what you should do. First, go to the Homestuck homepage. Yep, right there. There’s that silly guy, John, with his cute teeth and glasses. It’s his birthday, how exciting! Now click the arrow. Yep, down there at the bottom. Keep reading. Keep clicking. Reading. Clicking. Watching flash animations. Reading. Clicking. What’s all this about sylladexes and computer programming and all this other sillyness?

Just keep reading. Clicking. Watching. Keep going. Until the Beta arrives. Until John gets in the game. Until the meteors come.

Keep going.

Until the end of Act 1.

And you’re hooked.


Eventually you’ll meet this guy. You will listen to his yelling face. And you will like it. You will enjoy every loud syllable he ejects at your silly human thinkpan. You will enjoy the grub sauce. You will see color shipping everywhere. You will make the horns, and you will wear them in public. Trust me on this.

That’s the moral of the story, friends: Homestuck is all kinds of stories in one online place. You will love/hate it.

Just keep reading.


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