Youth Creativity in Writing

When I started working here at KCPL I inherited a teen writing group on hiatus. Of course I wanted to revive the writing group. An active teen writing group?! Incredible. I restarted it, and it has been continuing for twice a month since January. We’ve been up to a variety of things. Here are some of them:

*Making and decorating small paper journals and bookmarks
*Discussing our poetry
*Sharing and critiquing chapters out of books the teens have writtten
*Playing Writer’s Roulette: You make a powerpoint of random photos, images, clipart, sounds, etc and put it up on a screen, click to the next slide after 3-7 minutes, the teens have to write continuously throughout the presentation about that they see. It is so much fun to share afterwards!
*Discuss our favorite books, least favorite books, and what we’re reading right now.
*Talk about high school drama
*Meet with author Katie McGarry and talk about writing, publishing, and becoming a writer.
*Make a book tree. It’s harder than it looks.

What I plan to do with the group in the future:

+Make Model Magic models of the main characters in some of the teens’ stories
+Continue playing writer’s roulette
+Make some book displays for the teen area in the library
+Continue to share and critique writing and poetry

Does anyone have any suggestions, comments, ideas for these or future activities? I am always looking for fun and innovative activities to do with my writing group that don’t just involve following writing prompts. Writer’s Roulette is a good alternative, but I want something different, too! I like crafty projects too, especially if they deal with paper or altering books, but I just can’t think of anything we could do in less than 40 minutes. I’ll let you know what I come up with!


One thought on “Youth Creativity in Writing

  1. Wow, sounds interesting. Though I wouldn’t write off the writing prompt… maybe some different ways of using it could be fun. First sentence must include the word “unicycle”, last sentence must include the word “black widow”; or second sentence must include the phrase, “and then she slapped me in the face.” A lot of times I have too many ideas and a good writing prompt gives me something to focus on. Hope to see more on how this group turns out. I’d be interested in helping with ideas.


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