Bring YA to You!

Have you ever wished that a big YA book tour would make a stop in your hometown? Ever wanted to meet your favorite YA author? Well, here’s your chance for that wish to come true! YA2U is a program that features five award-winning and best-selling authors who are holding a contest to see what city they should visit in an exclusive tour stop!

The authors are collecting votes from January 1 to February 15, your city can win an exclusive visit from all five authors, including an author panel and book signing! Entering is super easy–and if you help spread the word about the contest, you can also enter win a signed copy of all of their books, TEN signed books in total!!

The authors in the program are:

And they want to have an event in your home town! To participate, just got to the YA2U website and let them know what city you want them to come to. (Hint-Hint: Erlanger!) And while you’re there, help spread the word about the contest and you can be entered to win all of their books–TEN signed books in total! 

Here’s why the YA2U Team should come to MY hometown! 

What do you think, everyone? I think this awesome group of authors should definitely visit Erlanger and the busiest library in Kentucky! Let’s do what we can to get them here! I’ll be spamming your Facebook, emails, and RSS feeds with updates about this and requests to vote and stuff as often as I can :D
Can’t think of reasons to put for why the book tour should stop here/ here are a few:
*KCPL’s Erlanger branch is the busiest branch library in Kentucky.
*Erlanger’s teen patrons love to read. We’re starting a teen-only book club in January for that reason!
*Tell them about what reading or YA Lit means to you. Has an author changed your life, your outlook, your beliefs? Has a book or story changed you for the better or meant something to you? Talk about it!
*When I think of more reasons I’ll let you know XD

Why should the YA2U Team come to your hometown? Why not join in today and share with others about this program and your hometown. The more votes we get, the closer you are to having your very own personal tour stop! Vote for YOUR town here!

And if you help spread the word, you can also participate in the book giveaway. Tell them that you learned about YA2U from me and we both get extra entries in the contest! 

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