Zombie Preparedness 101

Did you know that the CDC has official government guidelines, education, and suggestions for preparing for a Zombie outbreak/apocalypse/attack? I had heard of this, but I had never seen the official government publications until now.

CDC Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response: Zombie Preparedness. This is serious business, folks.

This week I am preparing our zombie survival resources, making displays, and preparing for programs. Here’s what we have going on at my library:

  • Next Friday, January 4 is a Zombie Survival Seminar hosted by the Zombie Squad. More event details can be found here.
  • On January 9 we’re going to make zombie felties. What better way to combat the outbreak than making caricatures of the offending monsters?! You can register to attend here.
  • On Monday, January 21 we will be watching Night of the Living Dead from 6-8pm. The original. Uncut and unrated. I’ve never seen it, so I’m looking forward to enjoying this classic.


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