Future Cosplay



I figure it’s about time I posted about my future cosplay plans. This is part of the reason I haven’t been doing cosplay Monday. W)(ale, that’s a lie. But anyway. Future cosplay. Above is featured my current favorite, Fefetasprite. if you haven’t caught up all the way on Homestuck, this isn’t even a spoiler. Cause I mean. Fefetasprite. She is just adorbs.

My next current favorite is Chandra Nalaar, the planeswalker from Magic: The Gathering. This is going to be more expensive and more of a challenge, because of the armor and such. I love Chandra, though. She’s brash, brazen, and bold!



Last is Aisha ClanClan from Outlaw Star. I <3 Outlaw Star! It is one of my fave 90s anime. Aisha is my fave character from this show; she is LOUD and silly and outgoing and confident and a catgirl and royalty and I seriously love her. This costume is also going to be a challenge, for many reasons: those weird shoulder things, the spiky wig, the dark skin, the cat ears, the bodice thing. And I’ll need contacts, and claws, and fangs! I’m excited to be Aisha :D




So yea, these are my future cosplay plans for the next year and a half or so! I will hopefully be working on them in this order. I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

Oh, and I’m thinking about doing a cosplay workshop at the library for teens. Probably next year in the fall before Sugoicon. That’s pretty long from now but I’ll be thinking about it!


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