YA Lit – All the newness.

I’m in St. Louis. It’s pretty exciting.

Except that I recently (a few hours ago) learned that this one frequently tops the list for the most dangerous city in the country. Wut. No wonder I was getting scary vibes the 2.5 blocks to Hardees and back. Yeesh.

Anyway, I’ve never been to a professional conference! I keep wanting to call it a con. Like a convention. Same shortening, veerrryy different event. Well, I still sort of dress up and put make up on and smile a lot, but I’m not in cosplay and the makeup will wash off without scrubbing my face raw.


I’m very excited to be here. Apparently I’m going to get some free books Saturday evening. Good! Because the one I brought with me to read on the trip, well, I’m almost finished with it. I really hope I get excited about YA Lit and authors and books and such and find a way to transfer that excitement and enthusiasm to my teen patrons. Most of the regulars to my programs just don’t read. For fun. Or school. Ever. Except manga. I would love to have them read more fiction, or nonfiction, or anything. I love manga, and I love that they’re reading it, I just want them to read more, and different things!

Also new, I’m starting a book club program next year! It’s called Beyond the Book, and our first read will be What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang. Here it is: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11043618-what-s-left-of-me

The attendees (hopefully registered ahead of time) will receive a free copy of the book! Is a free book enough incentive to attend a book club? There will also be snacks. That should be a good incentive :)

Hopefully this weekend I’ll learn about more books to offer through my new book club!!


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