Non-Video Gaming in the Library

I had 17 attendees at my Teen Space program last night. At least 3 were because I announced we would be playing Magic: The Gathering during the program. When I mentioned the word “tournament” they were SO excited.

I’m still working on it -_-

So, Teen Space is a 2 hour program EVERY SINGLE Monday and Wednesday at my library where teens can come and hang out, play a variety of video games, use library laptops, and play board games, card games, and now their favorite collectible card game.

I love playing Magic at work!!

I am attempting to organize an informal competitive free-play tourney for January. Game/Comic stores are very difficult to communicate with, turns out! But I will have a tournament for these teens no matter what!!

My teens are very good at involving each other in their gaming experiences, especially non-video game formats. The core group of regulars taught a new preteen how to play Settlers of Catan! They ask each other to practice Yu-Gi-Oh or teach them Magic or Vanguard. I’m considering purchasing the non-collectible-card-game/deck-building-style Ascension, and I’m sure they will thrive learning a new game from scratch. I am so proud of them :_:

I feel like having more programs with trading card games is a great way to reach a new audience of library users as well. These teens are in the library. They heard my announcement. Their friends come to Teen Space or my teen writing group. They just didn’t know that there was a place at the library where they could play Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! I’m trying my best to reach out to them!

I love surprising my patrons, especially the teens. When I make something happen that they didn’t expect..I love it.


3 thoughts on “Non-Video Gaming in the Library

  1. Deck building games where people can play from the same pool and not collect is a great tool for bringing people in! Right now I’m in love with Quarriors and Shadow Rift! This is on top of my Magic addiction… *ahem* Have you tried to just go into these stores? Most people just don’t want to deal with such items on the phone.


    • Yes, yes, I have gone into the stores and spoken with people face to face! Also I think it’s a problem because there is a prerelease at the end of January and that makes everyone’s schedules for that month a little bit more insane XD
      Ooh I’ll have to look into Quarriors and Shadow Rift! Thanks for the suggestions! Which one would you recommend as the easiest to learn? And have you played Ascension?


      • Quarriors is extremely easy to learn, but very hard to find. They did not make nearly enough for the demand there was. Shadow Rift is comparable to Mage: The Ascension I feel. They aren’t the same, but have similar elements. It is put out by Game Salute, so it should be pretty easy to get a hold of too.

        Yeah, Gatecrash comes out beginning of February so the pre-release is the last weekend of January. Something that you can do is get some practice drafts going for the kids or the like, where the kids would reimbursed you for the packs of cards and they could start doing that. Then have various prizes and such. If you get a chance to just swing by and see the pre-release it is awesome. I have some pictures of the last one for Return to Ravnica on my blog :D.


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